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X-SCOPE 2000 X-Ray Inspection Systems

The X-Scope 2000 series is a general purpose, high resolution, fully programmable x-ray system designed to address the nondestructive testing needs for failure analysis, research and development, process development, process monitoring and the ongoing support of electronics assembly, rework and repair.

The X-Scope 2000 is a "batch" or manual type of x-ray system and includes a Windows based workstation (Capture X 2000) with multiple image processing functions for real time measurement and data collection. The X-Scope 2000 has an unbeatable price to performance ratio and many advanced features you would expect to find on a much more expensive x-ray imaging system.

Scienscope has combined ease of use, excellent image quality and low price in the development and introduction of the X-Scope 2000.

  • BGA Inspection
  • Inspection of over molded electrical connectors
  • Encapsulated components
  • Aluminum die castings
  • Molded plastic components
  • Ceramics
  • Aerospace components
  • Electrical / mechanical components
  • Electronic components
  • SMT assemblies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive assemblies
  • Agriculture
  • Counterfeit inspection
  • Cell phone battery inspection

Standard features of the X-Scope 2000 X-Ray Inspection System
  • 4"x3" high resolution digital flat panel detector
  • 90 kV or 110kV- 5 micron closed x-ray tube
  • Z axis programmable computer controlled movement of the x-ray tube and image detector
  • Computer controlled programmable kV and mA settings
  • Programmable computer controlled - variable speed X-Y stage
  • 70 degree stage tilt
  • Full featured image processing CPU with 23 inch LCD flat panel monitor
  • Mega pixel mapping camera with zoom window - easy location and identification of faults
  • 22" X 21" Inspection Stage
  • Simple point and click inspection routines
Key features & Benefits
Feature Benefit
90kV or 110kV 5 Micron Mircon Closed X-Ray Tube
  • Simple Maintenance Free Operation
  • Long Operational Life Expectancy
  • Programmable Inspection Routines
  • Simple Operation, Reduced Operator Training
  • Ideal For High Volume Inspections
  • Semi- Automated Pass / Fail Inspection
  • Consistent Inspection Results
  • 22" X 21" Inspection Stage
  • Accommodates A Large Varity Of Sample Sizes
  • 70 Degree Stage Tilt
  • Allows Oblique Extreme Angle Sample Views

  • X-SCOPE 2000 User Interface

    X-SCOPE 2000 Specifications

    X-Ray Tube
    X-SCOPE 2000
    Tube Style Closed Type Closed Type
    Tube Voltage 90kV 110kV
    Tube Current 0.256mA 0.315mA
    Focal Spot Size 5 Micron 5 Micron
    Tube Cooling Forced Air Forced Air
    Geometric Magnification 150X 150X
    System Magnification 750X 750X
    Digital Flat Panel Detector
    Grayscale 14-bit (16,384 shades of grayscale) 14-bit (16,384 shades of grayscale)
    Speed 30 FPS 30 FPS
    Camera Resolution 99 m (1.2 MP) 99 m (1.2 MP)
    Detector Size 4" x 3" high resolution 4" x 3" high resolution
    X-Ray Cabinet
    Dimension 1180mm (L) x 1360mm (W) x 1650mm (H) / 46.5" (L) x 53.5" (W) x 65" (H)
    Sample Table Size 560mm (X) x 540mm (Y) / 22" (X) x 21" (Y)
    Sample Table Tilt 70 degree
    Sample Table Movement X Axisz: 520mm, Y Axis: 500mm Z Axis: 400mm / X Axisz: 20.5", Y Axis: 19.7" Z Axis: 15.8"
    Weight - Steel - Lead - Steel welded contruction 1100 kg / 2425 lbs
    Automatic switching power supply 110 - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 PRO (32-bit)
    One year, parts and labor

    Live Online Demo of your application
    Scienscope can do sample demos over the internet; you can see the sample being x-rayed real-time while we explain what you are seeing in the images and the technique factors (kV-mA-magnification) that are being used. We can also demonstrate all of the X-Scope 2000 physical and software features. During the online demo we can turn the control of the system to you; you can control all of the functions of the X-Scope 2000 from your desktop. This works well for companies that have decision makers in numerous locations because there is no limit to the amount of people that can log on to the online meeting.

    Scienscope will provide installation and calibration service at the customers location Installation includes assistance in registering your new x-ray system with local and state agencies where applicable. One (1) on-site radiation survey at the time of installation with supporting documents.

    One day (6 hours maximum) of training will be provided by Scienscope, training will include:
    • Basic Radiation Safety.
    • X-Ray system control functions.
    • X-Ray image processing software training.
    • Basic X-ray signature analysis training.
    • Hands-on sample analysis using your typical samples.
    • Training certificates for all attendees.

    • Model: X-SCOPE 2000


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