X-SPECTION 6000 Cabinet X-Ray Inspection System

The Ultimate in Flexibility

The X-SPECTION 6000 X-Ray Inspection System is our most Technologically Advanced X-Ray Inspection System. As with all X-SCOPE platforms, it includes every advanced s/w tool required for a wide variety of applications. With more tilt and a rotating work table, the X-SPECTION 6000 is the ultimate in flexibility

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Standard features of the X-SPECTION 6000 X-Ray Inspection System

  • Fully integrated, 130 kV high power closed X-ray tube
    • Micro-focus
    • Spot size down to 5µ
  • 5″ x 5″ or 4″ x 3″ high resolution and ultra resolution CMOS digital flat pane imagel detectors
  • 60° camera tilt for oblique angle viewing
  • 22″ x 18″ Inspection Stage with 350° Rotation
  • Color mapping camera with zoom window provides easy location and identification of faults
  • Z axis movement of the x-ray tube and detector
  • Computer controlled kV and mA settings
  • Computer controlled variable speed X-Y stage (and rotate)
  • Simple point and click, intuitive GUI provides access to create advanced inspection routines
  • All s/w tools standard including (but not limited to)
    • BGA Void detection and automatic calculations
    • Easy macro recording for intuitive step and repeat programming
    • Various measuring tools for TH, radius, area, perimeter, etc
  • Industrial PC with Windows 7 PRO, 24″ LCD flat panel display


  • Multilayer PCBs
  • Inner layer registration
  • Through hole plating inspection
  • Fine pitch solder joint integrity
  • BGA – micro BGA – flip chip inspection
  • BGA – SMT rework verification and failure analysis
  • Semicondutor
  • Automotive assemblies
  • Molded plastic
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ceramics
  • Agriculture
  • Encapsulated components

Program Mode

  • Simple point and click creation of inspection routines
  • Stage locations- X, Y, Z , X-Ray Tube and X-Ray Detector and tilt
  • kV and mA settings
  • Video settings- brightness, contrast, camera gain and exposure
  • User adjustable dwell time between stage and system control changes
  • Anti collision system to maximize magnification during oblique angle viewing


X-SPECTION 6000 User Interface

X-SPECTION 6000 Specifications

X-Ray Tube
Tube Style Closed Type
Tube Voltage 130kV
Tube Current 0.32mA
Focal Spot Size 5 Micron
Tube Cooling Forced Air
Geometric Magnification 250X
System Magnification 1000X
Digital Flat Panel Detector
Detector Size 5″ x 5″ high resolution 4″ x 3″ ultra resolution
Grayscale 14-bit (16,384 shades of grayscale) 14-bit (16,384 shades of grayscale)
Speed 30 FPS 10 FPS
Resolution 100 µm 50 µm
X-Ray Cabinet
Dimension 1500mm (L) x 1600mm (W) x 1600mm (H) / 59″(L) x 62.9″ (W) x 62.9″(H)
Sample Table Size 560mm x 457mm / 22″ x 18″
Inspection area 360mm x 290mm / 14.2” x 11.6”
Weight 1600 kg / 3527 lbs. – Steel – Lead – welded construction
Automatic switching power supply AC 110-230VAC, 50/60Hz (Universal)
Computer and operating system
Operating System Industrial PC: Microsoft Windows 7 PRO (64-bit)
Warranty One year, parts and labor

Live Online Demo of your application

Scienscope can do sample demos over the internet; you can see the sample being x-rayed real-time while we explain what you are seeing in the images and the technique factors (kV-mA-magnification) that are being used. We can also demonstrate all of the X-SPECTION 6000 physical and software features. During the online demo we can turn the control of the system to you; you can control all of the functions of the X-SPECTION 6000 from your desktop. This works well for companies that have decision makers in numerous locations because there is no limit to the amount of people that can log on to the online meeting.


Scienscope will provide installation and calibration service at the customers location Installation includes assistance in registering your new x-ray system with local and state agencies where applicable. One (1) on-site radiation survey at the time of installation with supporting documents.


Two days (16 hours maximum) of training will be provided by Scienscope, training will include:

  • Basic Radiation Safety.
  • X-Ray system control functions.
  • X-Ray image processing software training.
  • Basic X-ray signature analysis training.
  • Hands-on sample analysis using your typical samples.
  • Training certificates for all attendees.