Scienscope AXC-800 X-Ray Component Counter System

X-Ray Component Counter
Accurate, Intelligent, Fasts!

The Scienscope AXC-800 uses micro-focus x-ray technology and a high resolution digital image detector for accurate counting of standard SMT or TH components. A wide range of components including 01005s and tall components are supported thanks to an industrial motion control system and state of the art x-ray tube and image detector.

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Manual component counting requires hours and includes the possibility of miscounts resulting in machine down-time, inaccurate inventory management, and ultimately reduced profit margins. Seamless and flexible automation means more up-time on the assembly line and increased productivity. Component counting using Scienscope’s X-Ray technology can take only seconds for an entire reel. Increase productivity with the most accurate, fast, and easy to use component counter available.

Key Features

  • Greater than 99% accuracy
  • Fast
  • Scans (4) 7” reels simultaneously
  • Scans 13 or 15” reels
  • Scans JEDEC trays and counts BGA balls
  • Scans loose wound components or tightly wound components
  • Scan inside ESD bags
  • Easiest interface
  • Built in library
  • Small footprint

Accuracy and Repeatability

An inaccurate count is dangerous because other operations rely on the count being correct. The AXC-800 count accuracy is >99% for all supported component types. Whether the components are tightly wound or loose on the reel, you can always be sure the count will be correct. In many cases, the accuracy can be 99.99% or even 100%.

Simple Interface/Operation

Operation couldn’t be easier – insert the reel(s) and close the door. The machine starts counting automatically. No need to position the reel or set parameters. The reels sits in a fitted, numbered area on the load platform. Once the count is finished, the reel will be positioned at the access door, remove it, scan the barcode, and the next reel will be moved to position to ensure the correct barcode always matches the correct reel. If desired, a label can be printed after the scan.

Scienscope AXC-800 Specifications

Dimensions 750mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 856mm (H)
30” (L) x 30” (W) x 34” (H)
Weight 450kg (990 lbs)
Power 110-220 VAC 50/60 Hz 0.8kW
Technical: X-Ray
X-Ray Source Micro-Focus, closed tube
Operating Voltage 80kV
Technical: Image Detector
Resolution 8K
Gray Level 16 bit (65,536)
Technical: Operation
Reel Size: (1 to 4) 7” reels
(1) 13” or 15” reel
Reel height up to 32mm (standard)
Minimum Component Size 01005”
Count Accuracy >99%
Cycle Time: 7” reel approximately 7-15 seconds
(4) 7” reels approximately 35-40 seconds
13“ or 15” reel approximately 30-45 seconds
Types of Inspection Standard SMT and TH
Standard reels up to 15” diameter
Barcode Reader Software interface for 1D or 2D hand-held barcode reading(reader optional)
Label Printing Software interface for automatic label printing of barcodes and or component count results. (Label printer optional)
Warranty One year, parts and labor


Live Online Demo of your application

Scienscope can do sample demos over the internet; you can see the sample being x-rayed real-time while we explain what you are seeing in the images and the technique factors (kV-mA-magnification) that are being used. We can also demonstrate all of the AXC-800 physical and software features. During the online demo we can turn the control of the system to you; you can control all of the functions of the AXC-800 from your desktop. This works well for companies that have decision makers in numerous locations because there is no limit to the amount of people that can log on to the online meeting.


Scienscope will provide installation and calibration service at the customers location Installation includes assistance in registering your new x-ray system with local and state agencies where applicable. One (1) on-site radiation survey at the time of installation with supporting documents.


Two days (16 hours maximum) of training will be provided by Scienscope, training will include:

  • Basic Radiation Safety.
  • X-Ray system control functions.
  • X-Ray image processing software training.
  • Basic X-ray signature analysis training.
  • Hands-on sample analysis using your typical samples.
  • Training certificates for all attendees.