SmartCam2+ Measurement System

The SmartCam 2 + Measurement System is an affordable alternative to a toolmakers microscope.  The easy to use compact desktop system allows measurements within the Field of View (FOV), or the ability to measure larger parts with the 2”x 2” stage. The z axis travel is 4” allowing a larger parts to be measured. The large LCD monitor allows multiple people to view the part measurement without looking through an eyepiece.  The measurement icons are intuitive and easy to use resulting in quick measurement results.  Call us today for more information and where to buy the Smartcam + system.
SmartCam HD Camera
Granite Stage and Column
Magnification Control Knobs
LCD Micrometer Head
Top and Bottom Lighting Controls


  • Z Column adjustment 4” (150mm) of Z axis travel
  • Stage 2” x 2” (50x50mm) XY Manual Stage
  • LCD thimble type micrometers (0-2” range)
  • T slots for fixturing
  • Lighting Manual LED surface (top) light and profile (bottom) Lighting controls built into Granite base

Software Overview

The SmartCam 2 is the next generation of our all-in-one Scienscope Smart Camera technology. With a more user friendly graphical interface performing manual field of view measurements, our SmartCam technology has become even more simple…and all without the use of a computer. The camera features a lite version of Linux that runs an inspection and capture interface as well as a simple calibration and measurement interface.

Inspection Controls

Use the newly upgraded operating system and digital image acquisition screen to capture HD images and video with the click of a mouse. The user can also control all aspects of the image in one conveniently located menu. The ability to set your exposure, saturation, image enhancement, and auto white balance can be changed to meet your application. Use the image gallery to review and delete images saved to your SD card.

Measurement Tools

The SmartCam 2 features all the FOV measurement tools that stand-alone or add-on PC field of view measurement software includes. Now you can measure with ease and without some of the issues that a computer requirement can com with. Measure diameters, radius, circumference, distance, angles, arcs, widths areas, and polygons within your camera and without a computer.



Measure your critical parts with ease and without a computer using the systems integrated field of view measurement software. With nine powerful and simple tools built in to the camera itself you will be able to quickly verify that your manufacturing process can move along without the delays of more complicated systems. The SmartCam 2 makes It simple… set up, calibrate, and measure.

Inspection and Documentation

SmartCam 2 systems include powerful Micro or Macro zoom optics. Inspection and image/video capture of tiny parts and features using the standard Micro optics (Up to 1200x with optional accessories) produces stunning 1080p images with impressive detail. Never miss a microscopic defect and capture small issues before they become big problems.

Endless Applications

SmartCam 2 systems are used in

  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Electronics and contract
  • Semiconductor
  • Machining and micro machining
  • Materials analysis
  • Plastics
  • Aerospace