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New Product – AXI-5100C

Accurate component count is vital for inventory management and production efficiency. Currently, this is a time consuming, labor intensive process. Most machines require an operator load, and run through each individual reel to count the components. The count is then manually recorded. Counting using x-ray technology and intelligent algorithms can take as little as 7 seconds for an entire reel, and can interface directly with inventory management software to transfer the count instantly. It’s less than the time normally needed to load a reel on a manual counter. The result is less time and labor to count, and more error proof recording of the results.

The Scienscope AXI 5100c is anautomated, fast, accurate component counting machine designed to increase productivity.

The Scienscope AXI 5100c uses micro-focus x-ray technology and a high resolution digital image detector for accurate counting of standard SMT or TH components. A wide range of components including 01005s and tall components are supported without changing hardware thanks to an industrial motion control system that can set the x-ray tube and image detector to various heights and magnifications automatically. Components are counted in the reels and a large database of common component types is included. New component types are easy to add through a graphic, intuitive interface.

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