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NZ Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope Packages

The NZ Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope is designed for all industrial, electronic, and medical manufacturing applications. It boasts a new, rugged, air and moisture tight housing, and unbreakable eyepiece ports. It is perfect for the rigors of the assembly line or any harsh manufacturing environment. This also make s the NZ virtually maintenance free.

With the NZ series you will be able to view or inspect your work with unequaled clarity and know that the durability of the microscope will never be compromised. With a wide variety of Eyepieces, Focus Mount, Stand, Illumination, and auxiliary lens accessories, you will be able to find the perfect system to meet your needs.

NZ Data Sheet
Microscope Body Specifications
Microscope Body Zoom Range: 0.8X - 5X
Zoom Ratio: 1:6.3
Magnification w/ 10X eyepieces 8X to 50X
Field of View 27.5mm - 4.4mm
Working Distance 115mm
Eyepieces Inclination: 45
Dioptric Adjustment: 5 Dual Independent
Interpupillary Adjustment: 52mm - 75mm
Microscope Ring Mount Diameter: 76mm
Available Eyepieces: 10X, 15X and 20X
Available Objective Lens: 0.5X and 2X

To made things easier, we have provided a wide range of complete ready to go packages that are suitable for your applications. Please choose a complete package listed below for your convenience.

Objective Lens Working Distance (mm) Eyepieces
10X 15X 20X
Mag. FOV (mm) Mag. FOV (mm) Mag. FOV (mm)
0.5X 211mm 4X - 25X 55 - 8.8 6X - 37.5X 40 - 6.4 8X - 50X 31.2 - 5
Default (1X) 115mm 8X - 50X 27- 4.4 12X - 75X 20 - 3.2 16X - 100X 15.6 - 2.5
2X 43.5mm 16X - 100X 13.8 - 2.2 24X - 150X 10 - 1.6 32X - 200X 7.8 - 1.3
Packaged Specifications: Below SCIENSCOPE Packages comes with the highlighted specifications. Mag. = Magnification, FOV = Field of View, WD = Working Distance

A full range of eyepieces and objective lenses are also available, please refer to the specification below for more additional option.

NZ-PK5 Series Boom Stand Systems

This package is designed to support large research grade microscopes, has a smooth gliding motion, and offered resistance to tip-over and vibration.

NZ PK5 Systems Include:

Select your system choice of lighting:
NZ-PK3 Series CF Arm Systems

This package is an ideal solution for an overcrowded workbench. The articulating arm clamps onto most surfaces, therefore freeing up valuable space.

NZ PK3 Systems Include:

Select your system choice of lighting:
NZ-PK2 Series Track Stand Systems

This stable and compact package is ideal for smaller applications like medical device application or crowded working environments. The track stand provides a continuous smooth vertical travel of 4" with 76mm microscope holder.

NZ PK2 Systems Include:

Select your system choice of lighting:
NZ-PK1 Series Post Stand Systems

This stable and compack package is also ideal for smaller applications like medical device application or crowded working environments. With 12" vertical post allows the rack and pinion to travel at a great working distance.

NZ PK1 Systems Include:

Select your system choice of lighting:


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