Metrology FAQs

Does Scienscope make automatic (CNC) systems?

Not currently; we make a series of affordable manual systems with leading edge technology.

What metrology software does Scienscope use for their measurement systems?

Scienscope is using American made MetLogix M3 metrology software. M3 is by far the easiest to use metrology software on the market.

What capabilities does MetLogix M3 Software have?

MetLogix M3 Software is capable of geometric measurements (point, line, circle, angle, arc, distance, and more) edge detection, true position, tolerancing, datum setup, and complete reporting analysis.

What scale technology is Scienscope using on their systems?

Scienscope is using 1-micron tape encoders from Renishaw or Heidenhain.

What camera does Scienscope use on their systems?

A USB 2MP IDS high resolution camera is used. The camera is tuned for the Scienscope system and software.

What lighting does Scienscope use?

An LED collimated backlight and an LED Quad surface light is used to illuminate the part to be measured.

Does Scienscope offer a Z axis with a scale?

Yes, all the manual systems have a Z axis for focus. The XT-SVM-M106 M128, and M1410 all have 8” of Z axis travel with an 8” scale encoder to measure in Z.